What to Look For When Choosing a Fireplace

modern-and-traditional-fireplace-design-ideas-2With my recent arrival in Toronto, I found myself treasuring if not fixated on spending as much time as I could with the few local friends I managed to get. One of them had a particular uncanny prowess in catering, and that’s how we came to meet. Yes, I do owe our friendship`s foundation to food. As you might probably be guessing already, he is a chef. I met him on a little adventure to Little Italy and had to get to see the owner of the pizza parlor I got my mind blown away by an exquisite masterpiece of barbecue chicken pizza that I swallowed whole! Fortunately, I managed to meet him at his office located inside his restaurant, despite his tight schedule.

I there’s one feature that stood out in his office was the fireplace. It was nothing like I had ever encountered before! For a chef, he had a friendly demeanor, easy to be around and fun to hang out with. But I just couldn’t get my ey es off that fireplace! The interior designer in me just couldn`t take it, and I vowed to get one for myself, and well, outdo him!

In my ego-driven quest, I came up with a checklist of some sort, considerations if you may, for what to look for in the pursuit of the Holy Grail of fireplaces.

Purpose of the Fireplace

The very first step I will insist on is identifying why you need one in the first place. Most reasons would be either for heating inspired reasons or decorative aesthetic reasons, and anything in-between. Let’s say, for instance; you settle down for heating purposes as your main reason. A fireplace that can up and down regulate automatically would be ideal, and therefore when getting one, you should narrow down your options to thermostat controlled, self-modulated types.



For people who like having various options available to them, like me, I would recommend electric fireplaces. These come with a whole hoard of options. You can turn on the flames, even spice up with some crackles like from a real fireplace and embers, or just turn on the flames with no heat emanating from the fire. The latter Mobdro option enables you to bring about the aura of a fireplace even in heat filled times such as in the middle of summer.

Air Quality

Rooms containing fireplaces usually have a degree of smoke in the air, especially for traditional style fireplaces and those that use wood to light the fire acheter du cialis andorre. There`s a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in such cases as well which would call for an additional venting system to be put in place solely for countering this. With fireplaces using natural gas, there`s also an extra vent system required because of the smoke creosote, fumes and gas pollution produced.



If you`re in a home laden with small children or pets, or worse still, both of them, going for extremely safe fireplaces would be the prudent thing to do. The best choice in such a situation would be an electrical fireplace. These come with advantages such as minimal risk of fire accidents, and they have glass that`s safe to touch. In most, they are easily regulated, which eliminates danger of creating a fire that can’t be controlled.

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