Small Bathroom Ideas That Have Worked For Me

As I continue to enjoy my stay here in Canada, I have faced a number of problems in choosing the right bathroom mechanisms to implement in my new home. The bathroom area is one area which most people give little attention to. This lack of care may be because of the small amount of time spent in this domain.

However, I would like to inform you on some small bathroom tips to put in place when designing your shower room space. They include the following:



    Gilded Fixtures
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When you come to terms with the hard fact that your bathroom is outdated, do not stress or get too hang up on it. By use of some gilded fixtures, such unwanted worry goes unfelt. Shiny gilded accessories give your bathroom a young and fresh new look. Also, using a coat of white paint and light blue wall tiles further broadens your bathrooms appearance, and promotes its overall style.


  1. Metallic and Marble

In in my master bedroom bathroom, I’ve strived to improve cleanliness, a classic style design, and elegance. Once, my neighbor from down the alley decided we should have lunch at his newly furnished home, from where I got fresh, new ideas. Mobdro He had installed metallic and marble features to his bathroom. I then went ahead and fitted metallic, marble and vanity aspects on the shower door. The shower cabinets have custom metallic doors, and around the bath tub area, I have placed cute decorations of marble particles, and this has promoted beauty and elegance.


  1. Pops of Pinkpink-bathroom-freestanding-tub

For my guest bathroom, my aim was to make it known that a lady owns the premises through adding a feminine touch to the room. I used paint by Billboard Vinyl and was able to design my wall treatment. I also added touches of pink, a primarily feminine color, and through such additions, I was able to brighten up what most call a black and white room. Lastly, to add the perfect complement to the classic sink, I put in place a Venetian-style mirror.


  1. Antique Accessories

Before I left Paris France, I passed by an antique shop where I found a circe-1950 mirror, which hung in a rather inviting manner as if trying to lure my eyes towards its beauty. I bought it and carried it with me to Toronto. Little did I know that this would be an excellent piece for my guest bathroom.

As I was doing my shopping in my new neighborhood, I also came across a vintage, collapsible, French, tripod, table. I’ve used this small table to place bathroom appliances such as soap, detergents, and a flower pot.

I have so far been extremely satisfied with the hype created by friends when they come over to visit. Go ahead and try some of my ideas, you might end up being the subject of praise amongst your peer too. Transform your bathrooms into wonderful art pieces to showcase your unique sense of style!

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