My Bedroom Decorations

I was very excited about moving to Toronto. I knew I now had an opportunity to transforming my style and house design ideas. After installing the best furniture in my living room, the next step was to plan properly and implement new bedroom décor tips that I had gathered over time during my day to day work.

Guest Room

In one of my guest bedrooms, I’ve completely covered the walls with patterns, in a rather whimsical way, to create an appealing effect and promote beauty. There are also wallpapers in and the chairs that come with one of the best fabrics this side of the globe. In this room, I’ve really expressed my love and passion for color by mixing a bright blue comforter and the patterned wallpaper.

I have fitted a sea foam, green, four poster bed. All these decorations are for my guests, to make them feel happy and at home…or maybe just for myself! All in all, any guest in my home will undoubtedly experience comfort in a unique, unforgettable way.

Master Bedroom

I remember my mentor once told me that the most crucial point in home décor and design is to ensure that you invest heavily in your room – this is where you spend long hours! This I had at the back of my mind when deciding what to do with my master bedroom.

  1. Fresh coral

It is essential that for a seasonal change, swap in new throws and pillows, or modify the nightstand, for example, by adding a new piece of art.


  1. Beachy Stripes

If you’re looking for the secret to nautical décor, make use of stripes! It’s that simple. Use stripes with different widths and shades to maintain the traditional red, blue and white palette, and promote the aspect of modernity.


  1. Seaside Accents

To make the perfect backdrop for my master bedroom’s focal point, I highlighted my favorite piece with subdued surroundings. Neutral walls and healthy choices in carpeting and bedding have transformed my master bedroom into a big, bold, seascape.


  1. Prints on prints

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of using photographs, here is a simple but effective alternative. Stick to only a few calm colors. Use colors that match with your taste or preference. Include colors such as beige and cream, and use different designs to make your bedroom more attractive. Mobdro APK I’ve combined cream and beige color prints in my master bedroom, which when used together brighten the room, even in the cold seasons

  1. Art display

Rather than having to choose on which piece of art to add to your bedroom, and which to leave out, and to do away with that heartbreaking exercise altogether, I decided to create a large gallery in my master bedroom. The gallery stretches from the crown molding to the baseboards, ultimately making my bedroom one of my favorite rooms in the house!

These are some of the ideas I put in place for my bedroom décor. They have managed to broaden the look of the rooms and added a unique style, one that always gets me excited every time I walk in.


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