Living Room Furniture for My New Place

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canada goose canada goose Having moved from Paris to Toronto, I was now faced with one daunting task – redecoration! After staying in one place for such a long time, one, I think, forgets the “hard work” involved in deciding what goes where, what gets discarded, what gets replaced, etc. I being an interior designer wasn’t helping. So there I was, critically analyzing each and every potential place. I set out house hunting and, after a long, tedious search, eventually settled for one located in Bloor Village West. Next thing on my mind – furniture!

canada goose My first thoughts were to try to making my living room more dynamic and flexible. To accomplish this, I had to get furniture that could be easily moved around the house. This would help tone down the stale, standard, “every-other-house feature” of furniture lined up against the wall. I had to be unique and stylish! This, together with making the room appear larger and more appealing by preserving the floor space. With mobile furnishings neiman marcus canada goose down coats on sale Canada Goose victoria parka outlet official, my living room would be elegant and more inviting especially for relaxing and chatting with friends. I envisioned being able to move closer easily for chats, or move away for some space.

Out of the experience I`ve gathered over the years, I learned the importance of the center point of living rooms. Relaxation rooms are the focal area of the house; with a tendency to draw attention whenever a person enters the room. I, therefore, decided to capitalize on the area by putting furniture from there outwards. For this to work out, I got my preferred dark brown, leather, Mobdro APK fabric sofas placed in the middle of the focal area of the room. The sofas are two matching ones, facing each other, and another with two armchairs. I felt this would promote interaction and conversation with other people in the living room. On the oak floor, I got a medium sized woolen rug matching the color of the sofas to help in grounding them and produce a more relaxed aura.

I then went ahead to get a coffee table to place in between the sofas. I opted for the Rotor coffee table with a brown, woody finish, out of the numerous options I came across while shopping. The coffee table is composed of linked square components, which have the unique feature of rotating round each other resulting in a blend of fun and originality – all in a coffee table!

With my living room furniture set almost done, I went for the last piece missing in my “masterpiece living room” – a wall unit. Yes, wall unit for storage and housing for my entertainment devices from the TV to gaming consoles. I still have friends who don’t get how I’m a gamer…but that’s a story for another day. I preferred a modular unit blending arrangement; that could spread across the wall and also turn on its side (horizontally) to give the added advantage of changing its orientation. Now, how dynamic and flexible is this living room?

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