Layout Ideas for Your Kitchen Space

I recently decided to expand my kitchen, but I fell short of the appropriate style to use. I, therefore, took the initiative to visit some excellent hotels around Paris in order to borrow some layout ideas. For what purpose? Well, we have moved from a traditional kitchen, where one person prepared meals and graduated to a multi-purpose kitchen. Therefore, we needed to increase our kitchen space as well as add comfortability.


Some of the kitchen layout ideas I managed to gather from my excursion include:



I discovered that the one-wall layout style was formerly referred to as the “Pullman kitchen.” It is mostly found in loft spaces or studios due to its ability to cover a less space. In this layout, cabinets and appliances are fixed on a single wall. As I was also looking to improve on my modern style, I learned that most modern designs also include an island, which transforms the place into a galley style with an elegant walk-through corridor space.



I entered one particular local hotel, which serves dozens of people part due to its small space, the owner preferred to use a one-cook kitchen. These are ideal for the lean, galley layout style. It consists of two walls opposite of each other or two parallel countertops with a corridor in between them. If you choose to implement this layout style, it is important to note that galleys make the most efficient use of every space. Also, there are no corner cabinets which would configure your living space. Such types of cabinets add to a cabinetry budget.



A wide range of small hotels in Paris prefer a small, medium sized kitchen. A good advantage of this type of layout is that you solve the problem of maximizing corner space. I learned that in order to form an ‘L,’ it is characterized by countertops on two adjoining walls that are perpendicular. The size of the ‘L’ can be as long as one may want, however, keeping it less than twelve to fifteen feet will use the space efficiently.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Advantages of this kitchen layout are that it reduces traffic, and you can easily add a dining space and many working zones. I, however, discovered that when choosing this layout style, may not work for large kitchens or kitchens that will be used by many cooks. In many small hotel areas, the number of chefs ranges from one to two.



When you’re searching for a layout that will be ideal for large traffic and multiple cooks, the horse or the U-shaped layout style is one of the most appropriate choices to use. It has gradually transformed from three walls to an L-shaped kitchen space which consists of an island. The island forms the third “wall.”

When you choose this layout, an advantageous feature to note is that it allows for workflow around the island, and traffic is also controlled. This means you can get more cooks into the kitchen.

Therefore when you’re deciding on when to change or improve your kitchen space, either at work or in your home, these are some of the essential layout ideas that you need to put into consideration.

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