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A proper ventilation system for the health and comfort of all who may be living in the house is very essential. Through my experiences as an interior decorator, I have come to appreciate the purpose of a well-ventilated home. Proper ventilation helps in getting rid of moisture, smoke, cooking odors, and other pollutants.

I use the following ventilation methods at my place: interior ventilation, structural ventilation, roof ventilation and foundation ventilation.


  1. Interior ventilation

Because the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are hugely affected by moisture and odors, I have put in place a number of fundamental exhaust units: bathroom and laundry exhaust fans and an exterior venting range hood.

I noted that it is much easier to remove greasy, smoky, and steamy air that requires duck work to an exterior vent. Many kitchens, for example, have large vents that only recycle stovetop air. Similarly, if you find that your kitchens’ wall contains grease, or your kitchen is smelly, then you need an exterior-vending exhaust fan.

Bathrooms require similar treatment when addressing ventilation. Install and exhaust fan if you note incurable mildew in the shower, a pungent smell, and also paint peeling off your wall.


  1. Structural Ventilation

I’ve used structural ventilation in my attic and basement. I always strive to keep moisture and heat from roasting my home, something that usually happens over a given period.

For my attic, the primary objective is to create an upward flow of air. The air moves in through the vents in the eaves and moves out through the vents located on the ceiling or nearer to the roof. Mobdro An important point to always remember is to clean your vents as soon as they get clogged.


  1. Roof ventilation

I’ve gone the extra mile and installed additional vents at the eaves and the ridge of the ceiling out of fear that it might get too hot and humid, especially in the summer. However, before I undertook this task, I consulted with experts for professional advice.

To ensure longevity, I have painted all the vents and screens, and also made sure the vent frame protects the screens. It is absolutely necessary to keep checking the condition of your vents so that excessively damaged ones can be replaced. Doing so allows free flow of air in the home, promoting health and hygiene.


  1. Foundation Ventilation

To further maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere in my home, I’ve fitted foundation vents in my bathroom and kitchen areas. These areas experience a lot of mildew, dampness and moist air which causes rot in the crawlspace. I was however faced with a tremendous challenge on the onset of this project – installing extra vents is such a daunting task! You need special appliances to cut through lumber, brick, and concrete. As such, having an expert to do it for you is the best course of action. A professional will install and make any necessary “cuts and incisions” that you would have otherwise really struggled with and potentially wrecked your home.

Small Bathroom Ideas That Have Worked For Me

As I continue to enjoy my stay here in Canada, I have faced a number of problems in choosing the right bathroom mechanisms to implement in my new home. The bathroom area is one area which most people give little attention to. This lack of care may be because of the small amount of time spent in this domain.

However, I would like to inform you on some small bathroom tips to put in place when designing your shower room space. They include the following:



    Gilded Fixtures
    <img class="size-medium wp-image-91 aligncenter" src="×200.jpg" alt="cotton-comforter-Bathroom-Traditional-with-brass-countertops" width="300" height="200" srcset="×200.jpg 300w,×512.jpg 768w, site sur cialis.jpg 990w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />

When you come to terms with the hard fact that your bathroom is outdated, do not stress or get too hang up on it. By use of some gilded fixtures, such unwanted worry goes unfelt. Shiny gilded accessories give your bathroom a young and fresh new look. Also, using a coat of white paint and light blue wall tiles further broadens your bathrooms appearance, and promotes its overall style.


  1. Metallic and Marble

In in my master bedroom bathroom, I’ve strived to improve cleanliness, a classic style design, and elegance. Once, my neighbor from down the alley decided we should have lunch at his newly furnished home, from where I got fresh, new ideas. Mobdro He had installed metallic and marble features to his bathroom. I then went ahead and fitted metallic, marble and vanity aspects on the shower door. The shower cabinets have custom metallic doors, and around the bath tub area, I have placed cute decorations of marble particles, and this has promoted beauty and elegance.


  1. Pops of Pinkpink-bathroom-freestanding-tub

For my guest bathroom, my aim was to make it known that a lady owns the premises through adding a feminine touch to the room. I used paint by Billboard Vinyl and was able to design my wall treatment. I also added touches of pink, a primarily feminine color, and through such additions, I was able to brighten up what most call a black and white room. Lastly, to add the perfect complement to the classic sink, I put in place a Venetian-style mirror.


  1. Antique Accessories

Before I left Paris France, I passed by an antique shop where I found a circe-1950 mirror, which hung in a rather inviting manner as if trying to lure my eyes towards its beauty. I bought it and carried it with me to Toronto. Little did I know that this would be an excellent piece for my guest bathroom.

As I was doing my shopping in my new neighborhood, I also came across a vintage, collapsible, French, tripod, table. I’ve used this small table to place bathroom appliances such as soap, detergents, and a flower pot.

I have so far been extremely satisfied with the hype created by friends when they come over to visit. Go ahead and try some of my ideas, you might end up being the subject of praise amongst your peer too. Transform your bathrooms into wonderful art pieces to showcase your unique sense of style!

Fabulous Curtains and Curtain Headers

I have been in Paris for the last forty years, and I can surely say that the city has got one of the most stunning home décor ideas. Just the other day, I came across some beautiful looking fabrics and room curtains. These curtains have transformed the general appearance and feel to my house. They are smooth and have a thicker material to prevent too much light and cold, and they also come in vibrant and lovely colors that improve the look of my home.

The living room and bathroom curtains are made classic. This gives my house a divine and angelic look. Some of the curtains from which I managed to pick stunning curtain headings include pencil pleats, triple pinch pleats: cottage pleats, wave, goblet, cartridge, tab top, eyelet.

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Pencil pleats 

One of the easiest and most versatile types of curtain headings is the pencil pleat. The elegant slim folds appear like neat lines of pencils and can also create a small, formal window dressing, but can also look amazing in a relaxed setting.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

These pleats are made by pulling on cords to create an even gathering. This can be altered to fit a slightly wider or narrow window which is suitable for both curtain tracks and poles.

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Triple Pinch Pleats

These are known as French pleats, and they create a formal ambiance in the dining room, halls or the master bedroom. I held the pleats in place with stitching so that the curtain width can be altered. I noticed that they are suitable for both poles and curtain tracks. The pleats can be adjusted to any size, but I prefer a three or five for a longer drop.

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 Cottage pleats

I love this type of pleats because they give a pretty soft gather to the header. These pleats are made by setting one-inch tape two inches down the top. I opted to use the cottage pleats in my kitchen, in my children’s bedrooms, and my master bedroom.

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I noticed that a good advantage of using the wave as my curtain header is that it allows the curtains to hang in wide and even fields.

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For those heavy fabrics, the goblet headings work well and creates an elegant statement in a formal room, for example, in home library spaces, and the study rooms.



cartridge-pleat560One of the most important factors on why I chose the cartridge headings for my curtain tracks and poles is that the pleats are allowed to form large, cylindrical folds, which creates a more contemporary alternative to the goblet heading.

It is important to note that an essential factor when choosing a good curtain is to ensure that the fabric meets your tastes, and the design goes well with your living space. During my small expedition, I was able to buy the eyelet curtains. These curtains are ideal for medium weight fabrics, light and also have silver rings at the header that a rod weaves through spectacularly.

The eyelet curtains fit particularly well in my living room and master bedroom.

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