My name is Leila Peterson, an Interior decorator living in Paris, France. I was born in 1987 to two French lawyers, John and Lucy Peterson. My younger brother Wesley was born four years later. My parents divorced seven years after, which forced my mother, brother and me to move to a different district, commonly referred to as ’Premier (1e) arrondissement – Louvre nurse’. I finished my elementary school education here then joined College Jean-Baptiste Poquelin for my high school education.

Being a state school, I developed a knack for seeing how school classrooms could be made more appealing with the resources at hand, and slowly, but with sure progression; I became conscious of my innate passion for interior decoration. The artistic fire burning inside me eventually overwhelmed me. I would always make decorative changes to my dad’s house every time I went over this would always end up in a lecture. Finally, my dad gave in and made it his life`s mission to bring the best out of my “talent” by getting me into the best design school he could afford. That’s how I got into Paris American Academy for a course in Interior Design.

With an apparent transformation of my design instinct into an actual skill, it became inevitable for me to get recherché in textiles, crafting, and furnishing among others. Above all, I came to project my heart for humanity by creating masterpieces in interiors as an easy way of changing people`s daily lives for the better. In doing so, most of my design comes to life and speaks volumes about my client`s very own tastes and preferences, with top notch aesthetics. If there`s something I am proud of in my profession, it’s achieving a 100% customer satisfaction score! I tribute that to my keen attention to detail and quality of my finished products and projects as a whole.

I was based in France for a long while and while there, was involved in full design for state-of-the-art buildings and houses worth millions! I’ve also offered free help/consultation to many people in choosing perfect tiles for their bathrooms, and art choices in various rooms across different neighborhoods. One of the fans flaming my fire is the heart-melting gift from a client who to this day thinks of me, not just as a contract designer, but as also a close advisor, a trusted ally and a sibling – sentiments that I hold dear.

For me, Interior design more than just a career – it’s a passion! I love the vast ocean of experiences my career provides, one of them being able to inform the general public what interior design is all about.

My conviction in service to humanity with what I have has not changed over the years. I have reflected this through local based non-profit organizations started by some fellow Interior decorators, where we donate our design abilities for the greater good, for example, donations to children’s homes, and creating perfect healing rooms for terminally ill patients and the elderly in their nursing homes. I recently moved to Canada and with all these past achievements, I hope to improve my craft and take it to new heights of achievement!