Living Room Furniture for My New Place

Having moved from Paris to Toronto, I was now faced with one daunting task – redecoration! After staying in one place for such a long time, one, I think, forgets the “hard work” involved in deciding what goes where, what gets discarded, what gets replaced, etc. I being an interior designer wasn’t helping. So there I was, critically analyzing each and every potential place. I set out house hunting and, after a long, tedious search, eventually settled for one located in Bloor Village West. Next thing on my mind – furniture!

My first thoughts were to try to making my living room more dynamic and flexible. To accomplish this, I had to get furniture that could be easily moved around the house. This would help tone down the stale, standard, “every-other-house feature” of furniture lined up against the wall. I had to be unique and stylish! This, together with making the room appear larger and more appealing by preserving the floor space. With mobile furnishings, my living room would be elegant and more inviting especially for relaxing and chatting with friends. I envisioned being able to move closer easily for chats, or move away for some space.

Out of the experience I`ve gathered over the years, I learned the importance of the center point of living rooms. Relaxation rooms are the focal area of the house; with a tendency to draw attention whenever a person enters the room. I, therefore, decided to capitalize on the area by putting furniture from there outwards. For this to work out, I got my preferred dark brown, leather, Mobdro APK fabric sofas placed in the middle of the focal area of the room. The sofas are two matching ones, facing each other, and another with two armchairs. I felt this would promote interaction and conversation with other people in the living room. On the oak floor, I got a medium sized woolen rug matching the color of the sofas to help in grounding them and produce a more relaxed aura.

I then went ahead to get a coffee table to place in between the sofas. I opted for the Rotor coffee table with a brown, woody finish, out of the numerous options I came across while shopping. The coffee table is composed of linked square components, which have the unique feature of rotating round each other resulting in a blend of fun and originality – all in a coffee table!

With my living room furniture set almost done, I went for the last piece missing in my “masterpiece living room” – a wall unit. Yes, wall unit for storage and housing for my entertainment devices from the TV to gaming consoles. I still have friends who don’t get how I’m a gamer…but that’s a story for another day. I preferred a modular unit blending arrangement; that could spread across the wall and also turn on its side (horizontally) to give the added advantage of changing its orientation. Now, how dynamic and flexible is this living room?

My Bedroom Decorations

I was very excited about moving to Toronto. I knew I now had an opportunity to transforming my style and house design ideas. After installing the best furniture in my living room, the next step was to plan properly and implement new bedroom décor tips that I had gathered over time during my day to day work.

Guest Room

In one of my guest bedrooms, I’ve completely covered the walls with patterns, in a rather whimsical way, to create an appealing effect and promote beauty. There are also wallpapers in and the chairs that come with one of the best fabrics this side of the globe. In this room, I’ve really expressed my love and passion for color by mixing a bright blue comforter and the patterned wallpaper.

I have fitted a sea foam, green, four poster bed. All these decorations are for my guests, to make them feel happy and at home…or maybe just for myself! All in all, any guest in my home will undoubtedly experience comfort in a unique, unforgettable way.

Master Bedroom

I remember my mentor once told me that the most crucial point in home décor and design is to ensure that you invest heavily in your room – this is where you spend long hours! This I had at the back of my mind when deciding what to do with my master bedroom.

  1. Fresh coral

It is essential that for a seasonal change, swap in new throws and pillows, or modify the nightstand, for example, by adding a new piece of art.


  1. Beachy Stripes

If you’re looking for the secret to nautical décor, make use of stripes! It’s that simple. Use stripes with different widths and shades to maintain the traditional red, blue and white palette, and promote the aspect of modernity.


  1. Seaside Accents

To make the perfect backdrop for my master bedroom’s focal point, I highlighted my favorite piece with subdued surroundings. Neutral walls and healthy choices in carpeting and bedding have transformed my master bedroom into a big, bold, seascape.


  1. Prints on prints

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of using photographs, here is a simple but effective alternative. Stick to only a few calm colors. Use colors that match with your taste or preference. Include colors such as beige and cream, and use different designs to make your bedroom more attractive. Mobdro APK I’ve combined cream and beige color prints in my master bedroom, which when used together brighten the room, even in the cold seasons

  1. Art display

Rather than having to choose on which piece of art to add to your bedroom, and which to leave out, and to do away with that heartbreaking exercise altogether, I decided to create a large gallery in my master bedroom. The gallery stretches from the crown molding to the baseboards, ultimately making my bedroom one of my favorite rooms in the house!

These are some of the ideas I put in place for my bedroom décor. They have managed to broaden the look of the rooms and added a unique style, one that always gets me excited every time I walk in.


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Looking for Garden Arbors for Your Garden

Some few weeks ago, I managed to pay a long-owed debt of visiting my childhood partner in crime and longtime friend in her penthouse located deep in the heart of Paris. In the much-expected heat of catching up, I couldn`t help myself from taking in the exquisite view of the Eiffel tower from the backyard where we sat.

One thing, however, caught my eye above them all. A garden arbor stood majestically with all its beauty poured out in full throttle for the world to see. It then hit me that much of a garden’s visual interest occurs at ground level. The flowers, edibles, and shrubbery should be arranged in each bed. On the other hand, serious gardeners can add interest to their outdoor living space by gardening vertically, and adding garden structures like arbors to the landscaping.

After an acknowledgment to my pal of the marvel that stood in her garden, I quickly set off to look for a way of acquiring for myself what I considered at the time, the eighth wonder of my world.

This is the experience I had on what to find during my garden arbor quest for all who would have a similar interest.


Uses for your Abor


I came to find basic, and functional bench seating can be installed within the arbor and more sophisticated items like a hanging porch swing can be mounted on the arbor. Seating should be devised within the garden arbor to give visitors a view of the garden’s most attractive features and overlooking sceneries if any in the background.



The use of Arbors as a gateway can be very much applicable to yard or garden areas. I came to see that a swinging gate placed in the middle of the arbor creates an attractive and clearly marked entrance. You could consider using a gated arbor to separate garden rooms and create an entry onto a patio from the backyard, or better still, Mobdro APK a primary entry to the garden from the yard.



When I was faced with the much-begged question of which look was right for my garden, I came to a conclusion that it mainly depends on two main factors. The architectural style of surrounding structures and your preferred tastes and preferences.

Popular styles include gabled roofs, flat trellis roofs, gothic roofs and arched roofs. (like my friend`s view of the Eiffel tower) Also, I would recommend that you consider the final landscaping design and how the plants will grow over the roof to maturity.

Garden Arbor Materials

I was able to discover that, there are a vast amount of materials essential for use in garden arbor construction. You need to, therefore, choose the material that gives the arbor a distinctive style and look, as well as having its distinct set of disadvantages and advantages. The mostly used material types include metal, synthetic products, and wood.



I learned that wood is the most commonly used material when creating garden arbors. Garden arbors have a classic look and feel especially those made from wood, and since they are made from organic material, they appear more natural in the garden setting as compared to those made from other materials. It is necessary to note that wooden arbors need routine maintenance so as to prevent decay. This may be through painting or staining to prevent decay.



Metal arbors have a more gothic feel than wooden arbors and stand out in a garden space. They can be molded into a design with more intricacies than either wood or synthetic fibers, as well as being appropriately curved, and are more or less thinner.


In my opinion, for pocket-friendly Arbor seeking people, this should be your choice. Vinyl are durable, attractive, and require almost no maintenance. They are quite easy to assemble and install and are lighter than any other garden arbor option.


Planting Options

When it comes to planting, I would advise you to consider what will be planted around the arbor. The best plants to surround an arbor are what I like to call “heaven plants” or better known as vining plants. For those who are concerned only with cosmetics, should consider heavily flowering vines and clematis. Finally, those who prefer a purely functional garden area should look for garden fruits and vegetables that vines like grapes or cucumbers. If you prefer a strong-scented garden, you should consider climbing rose varieties or honeysuckle.