Family-Friendly Living Room Décor

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Your living room is your central relaxation area; it is the place where you go to listen to music, play games, relax and watch movies. I specifically like sleeping for long hours on my living room sofa during hot afternoons or on slow days. Bearing this in mind, it is necessary that you put the appropriate decoration ideas into practice.

Once I moved into my new place, I was not quite sure on how to apply some decorations in my living room. I struggled to identify which ones would blend with my character and style, and at the same time be welcoming to all commander cialis ligne. It is here that I came up with a family-friendly method to decorate the living room.


Below are some points to consider for the family-friendly home décor method:


  1. Frame it

When I decided to use the family friendly method, it was in the thought that my home should reflect a young modern family. After completing this project, so far, I have been more than satisfied with the results. The type of furniture to use here is not so hard to figure out; I chose to go with brown furniture, which is very welcoming and neutral to stains and dirt. It also blends in with some wooden fixtures in the house

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  1. Consider using an open floor plan

I also used an open floor plan with my living room to emphasize the need for space, especially in my relaxation area. Space is important because it enhances the free flow of air, and for those with families, you get to spend more time together. Mobdro APK Space in the room promotes clear thinking during your uninterrupted relaxation periods, and when used as a study or work area, you are able to do so effectively.

In my new home, I have gone further to separate all sections in my living room. Such that, the study area and the relaxation area are not so close together.


  1. Add some words of wisdom

canada goose I have managed to do this by hanging pictures with inspirational and encouraging messages. Such messages are for example, ‘best things to give,’ ‘our daily bread,’ and also prayers and quotes by prominent individuals. By choosing to add some words of wisdom to my living room space, I was able to promote values like humility, unity, and togetherness, brotherhood, as well as promoting learning.

However, it is important that you follow the appropriate methods of hanging art on your walls. Failure to do so may cause damages to the beauty of your wall.



  1. Use an outdoor rug indoors

contemporary-outdoor-rugsI wanted my new house to be family friendly in every single way, for both humans and animals. To achieve this objective, I used a rug called Leopard cub usually used in high traffic areas, and it has served as a well thought of carpet idea.

Bringing an outdoor rug indoors has some varied benefits, mainly being a measure to promote relative cleanliness and hygiene. For example, if you have a pet dog like I do wholesale canada goose down Canada Goose jackets online discounts, you find that he (your pet dog), may enter the house with muddy paws, and end up making the living room dirty and undesirable. Therefore, to avoid this, you should move an outdoor rug inside the house, and in so doing your pet dog will run around it, rubbing off most of the dirt that got from the outdoors on the rug.