Fabulous Curtains and Curtain Headers

I have been in Paris for the last forty years, and I can surely say that the city has got one of the most stunning home décor ideas. Just the other day, I came across some beautiful looking fabrics and room curtains. These curtains have transformed the general appearance and feel to my house. They are smooth and have a thicker material to prevent too much light and cold, and they also come in vibrant and lovely colors that improve the look of my home.

The living room and bathroom curtains are made classic. This gives my house a divine and angelic look. Some of the curtains from which I managed to pick stunning curtain headings include pencil pleats, triple pinch pleats: cottage pleats, wave, goblet, cartridge, tab top, eyelet.

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Pencil pleats 

One of the easiest and most versatile types of curtain headings is the pencil pleat. The elegant slim folds appear like neat lines of pencils and can also create a small, formal window dressing, but can also look amazing in a relaxed setting.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

These pleats are made by pulling on cords to create an even gathering. This can be altered to fit a slightly wider or narrow window which is suitable for both curtain tracks and poles.

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Triple Pinch Pleats

These are known as French pleats, and they create a formal ambiance in the dining room, halls or the master bedroom. I held the pleats in place with stitching so that the curtain width can be altered. I noticed that they are suitable for both poles and curtain tracks. The pleats can be adjusted to any size, but I prefer a three or five for a longer drop.

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 Cottage pleats

I love this type of pleats because they give a pretty soft gather to the header. These pleats are made by setting one-inch tape two inches down the top. I opted to use the cottage pleats in my kitchen, in my children’s bedrooms, and my master bedroom.

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I noticed that a good advantage of using the wave as my curtain header is that it allows the curtains to hang in wide and even fields.

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For those heavy fabrics, the goblet headings work well and creates an elegant statement in a formal room, for example, in home library spaces, and the study rooms.



cartridge-pleat560One of the most important factors on why I chose the cartridge headings for my curtain tracks and poles is that the pleats are allowed to form large, cylindrical folds, which creates a more contemporary alternative to the goblet heading.

It is important to note that an essential factor when choosing a good curtain is to ensure that the fabric meets your tastes, and the design goes well with your living space. During my small expedition, I was able to buy the eyelet curtains. These curtains are ideal for medium weight fabrics, light and also have silver rings at the header that a rod weaves through spectacularly.

The eyelet curtains fit particularly well in my living room and master bedroom.