Types of Interior Doors for Your Living Space or Home

I recently attended a small, closed-door wedding in central Paris, where I was serving as a caterer. The mansion which hosted this event was spectacular if not incredible. From the general appearance to the fine details, this house was top notch. Moreover, I managed to identify the variety of doors in the mansion. Through this experience, I learned that there are numerous types of interior doors to select from so as to add value to any room as well as to perform the elementary function of a door.

Interior doors, in this case, are those doors that do not provide access or reach to the outside environment, for example, bathroom doors, bedroom doors and closet doors.

Types of doors to choose from include:


Hinged doors

Hinged doors are the most commonly used interior doors in all homes. They are also called passage doors. In my home, for example, I decided to decorate my door with various colors so as to make my living space lively and create a fun feeling. One end of the doors is mounted with hinges, while the other end swings into or out of the room. The hinged doors are easy to make and can be bought as a slap or as a pre-hung door unit.download film The Founder 2016 now




Sliding doors

They are elegant looking doors that you should have in your home so as to improve on your living space style, appearance, and value. They can also be called bypass doors, and usually go well in areas leading to wide openings, such as master bedrooms or closets. The bypass doors do not swing to open, but instead, you only need to slide them on the track. They do not disturb other aspects of the room as they do not swing. It is essential, however, to note that only a portion of the opening is accessible at a time.


Pocket doors

I was able to observe that these doors share certain similarities with the sliding doors, one being the fact they do not have hinges but slide on the tracks, just as the sliding doors do. These doors have been around for many years, but they recently gained popularity maybe because of people wanting to diversify and improve their homes. They are available in the market either as single doors or as double doors.


French doors

French-Doors-Windsor-Berkshire-2The French doors are very common in Paris, especially if you are looking to add something dramatic and enticing to your living space. Like the hinged doors, the French doors hung on hinges, and they swing towards each other and meet at the center. The doors offer a clear and unobstructed view when opened.


Bifold doors

Once I moved onto the uppermost part of the mansion, towards the balcony area, I identified these doors, which are hinged together and fold into each other. When setting up Bifold doors, make sure to mount them on track. This track should hang from the top or the head of the opening. I would recommend you use these doors on areas such as laundry rooms, pantry, and closets.


Dutch doors

traditional-entryThe last types of doors which I identified were the Dutch doors. Their design makes them easy to identify, and this is because of their design. They have separate panels on the bottom and the top and are also divided horizontally. I noticed that these doors go well in the kitchen, mostly because of the traffic and activities that happen there. It might also be so as to connect the other parts of the house to the kitchen in an easier manner.