Points to Consider When Choosing Perfect Area Rugs

Just before moving into new house in Canada, I had the floors cleaned and polished. Hunter, my pet dog, keeps sliding on the slippery floor, and its’ now started getting cold. I need to go shopping for rugs. I think I just miss having rugs in the house. My fairly small Paris residence was fully carpeted, and I feel like this house is missing something – rugs!

I remember buying my first rug. I felt like buying one was like buying a car – you know less but still end up paying more (in my opinion)! So, what I did was call various experts to get advice and more insight on the matter at hand. Yes, that’s how serious this whole affair was for me. As much as I was able to gain a lot from their advice, we also disagreed on a few issues. My advice would be, as much as you seek expert advice, also listen to your gut.


Here are some experts on the matter:

  1. John Kurtz- he is the former host of the PBS show Underfoot, and he is also the designer of a rug company called New Moon
  2. Karl Lohnes- an interior designer in Toronto, Canada
  3. Patrick J.Baglino, Jr- a Washington-based designer, who was just the other day was voted best young designer by house beautiful




From my research and personal experience, I think the most important points to consider when choosing your perfect area rugs are budget and size. With these two considerations, you can never go wrong, especially if it’s your first time or if you’re relatively new in this area.



I have come to learn that, even if it means living with bare floors while you save up your cash, it is fundamental that you buy the best rug that you can afford. Shop for high quality rugs such as silk and wool. A high quality woolen rug would broaden the look of your home, and look better with time.

Other materials such as sisal, jute, and grass are quite cheap, but they do not last very long and are also difficult to clean. Also, when looking for a new rug, use the cost of other living room furniture as a guideline on how much money you’ll need to spend.



When deciding on the perfect size rug, pick a rug that is two feet shorter than the smallest wall in the room. Lohnes advises that for bare front hallways, you should swing open the front door, and then take measurements of the floor from that point. Such estimates ensure that the first three measurements remain clear. Also, make sure that hall rugs have at least six inches of floor visible on all sides.

In dining rooms, so as to accommodate the dining chairs, rugs should extend at least eighteen inches beyond the edge of the table.

For my bedroom, I did runners at the foot of the bed, and at each side placed a rug one-third of the way under the bed so that the rest of it creates a lovely mat at the bottom.


In conclusion, always remember that the most crucial aspect when shopping for a rug is to get one that will always please you each time you look at it, and for an extended period. Of course, your considerations will get more sophisticated with time, but for your first rugs, these points will get you on to a good start.

Tips on How to Improve your Outdoor Garden

Outdoor gardens can be created by anyone as long as there is some adequate space outside. They help create a beautiful environment, and may also be used for planting of food crops. During the summer the weather outside is usually favorable and conducive to have an outdoor garden.

However just having a garden is not enough. Some effort is required from time to time to maintain or improve your garden. Here are some tips that are crucial tips to keep in mind cialis 20 pas cher.


Keep Gardening Tools Sharp

Tools that prune bark-covered branches and dig through tough roots tend to get dull easily. Therefore they need to be sharpened from time to time.


Soak your Plants

It is considered better to give plants a good soaking less frequently than frequent sprinkling. This is because it’s the roots that absorb water and are found underneath the soil. There are some roots that go deep into the soil. Therefore soaking enables the roots to absorb more water, unlike just sprinkling them where the water usually remains on the top soil, or even on the plants’ leaves.


Carry a Tool Basket

A tool basket will allow you to carry all of your tools, if need be, at once. You can also just carry those that you need, but the idea here is to have all of them on the onset. No more numerous trips to and from your store/garage to get this tool and that tool.


Make your Small Garden Look Larger

To make a shallow garden look larger, horizontal layers of different heights need to be created, for example, low shrubs in front of a higher fence. This will create an illusion of depth.


Butterfly Attraction

For this to occur, your plants to need to have longer blooming cycles for example coneflowers, sunflowers, and nasturtiums. The presence of butterflies will create a colorful environment.


Fill your Garden with Various Plant Species

To maintain a year-round appeal, plant various types of plants in your garden. For example, plant species that bloom at different times of the year to cover for different seasons in the year. In addition to this, choose plants that create different mini-habitats.


Make a Cottage Style Garden

You don’t need to own a cottage in order to enjoy an English-style garden. An outdoor garden can be created by adding an arbor or building a white picket fence.


Use Natural Fertilizers

Use natural fertilizers instead of synthetic ones. Research has shown that natural fertilizers are better for your plants. The natural ones also make plants greener. Moreover, natural fertilizers are healthier for human  beings than inorganic ones.


Weed Control

Remove and compost vegetation that tends to compete with plants that are really needed in the garden. For example weeds. These may take over the garden, making it being an eyesore and also killing the crucial plants.


Add some Garden Art

This can be achieved through various ways such as painting broken pots and placing them in strategic places. Various lighting equipment can also be put around the garden to make it look stunning.

What to Look For When Choosing a Fireplace

modern-and-traditional-fireplace-design-ideas-2With my recent arrival in Toronto, I found myself treasuring if not fixated on spending as much time as I could with the few local friends I managed to get. One of them had a particular uncanny prowess in catering, and that’s how we came to meet. Yes, I do owe our friendship`s foundation to food. As you might probably be guessing already, he is a chef. I met him on a little adventure to Little Italy and had to get to see the owner of the pizza parlor I got my mind blown away by an exquisite masterpiece of barbecue chicken pizza that I swallowed whole! Fortunately, I managed to meet him at his office located inside his restaurant, despite his tight schedule.

I there’s one feature that stood out in his office was the fireplace. It was nothing like I had ever encountered before! For a chef, he had a friendly demeanor, easy to be around and fun to hang out with. But I just couldn’t get my ey es off that fireplace! The interior designer in me just couldn`t take it, and I vowed to get one for myself, and well, outdo him!

In my ego-driven quest, I came up with a checklist of some sort, considerations if you may, for what to look for in the pursuit of the Holy Grail of fireplaces.


Purpose of the Fireplace

The very first step I will insist on is identifying why you need one in the first place. Most reasons would be either for heating inspired reasons or decorative aesthetic reasons, and anything in-between. Let’s say, for instance; you settle down for heating purposes as your main reason. A fireplace that can up and down regulate automatically would be ideal, and therefore when getting one, you should narrow down your options to thermostat controlled, self-modulated types.



For people who like having various options available to them, like me, I would recommend electric fireplaces. These come with a whole hoard of options. You can turn on the flames, even spice up with some crackles like from a real fireplace and embers, or just turn on the flames with no heat emanating from the fire. The latter option enables you to bring about the aura of a fireplace even in heat filled times such as in the middle of summer.


Air Quality

Rooms containing fireplaces usually have a degree of smoke in the air, especially for traditional style fireplaces and those that use wood to light the fire acheter du cialis andorre. There`s a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in such cases as well which would call for an additional venting system to be put in place solely for countering this. With fireplaces using natural gas, there`s also an extra vent system required because of the smoke creosote, fumes and gas pollution produced.



If you`re in a home laden with small children or pets, or worse still, both of them, going for extremely safe fireplaces would be the prudent thing to do. The best choice in such a situation would be an electrical fireplace. These come with advantages such as minimal risk of fire accidents, and they have glass that`s safe to touch. In most, they are easily regulated, which eliminates danger of creating a fire that can’t be controlled.

Amazing Wall Art Ideas

During my stay in Paris, I learned that it is important for you, the homeowner, to take back control of your premises. Achieving this; in my opinion, is a big step towards getting your life back in this hectic world we live in. Take a break, every now and then  while and enjoy some art!

One way you can do this is by finding ways to utilize your wall and door space. And what better way than to express yourself through art? However, don’t make holes on the wall when hanging decorations! This damages the wall quality and appearance.

Let me share some of the wall décor methods I have used for my new home, hoping that this gives you ideas on what to do to your own walls and doors.


  1. WeMontage

This resource surprised me at first. I first came across it during a picture gallery event, where young entrepreneurs were looking to make their mark on photography. A bright young man shared WeMontage with the group, and it quickly dawned on me that it could be used in wall décor too.

It’s very simple really. You upload your digital photos to WeMontage then they create a gorgeous collage for you. Why do I like this so much? Well, the collage cannot damage your walls! It can also be removed for use in another apartment or house, in case you move. Therefore, you do not need frames, or even photos to turn a whole wall into a gallery.


  1. Brick Clips

I’ve used a few brick clips to hang a piece of art in my garage. I was able to do this since my garage walls have exposed bricks, which favors my wall art ideas. It is imperative that you don’t let such block space and brick wall go unused. I would encourage you to make good use of your creativity, and free thinking. Use a few block clips to broaden the look of such rooms in your house.


  1. 3M Command Hooksimg-main-product-Command-Brushed-Nickel-Faux-Metal-Hooks

I’ve widely used these hooks in my new place. I am a proud owner of many miscellaneous goods that just appear better while hanged on a wall, such as towels, fashion accessories, dog leashes, baseball hats, mops, brooms, and nearly anything else. These hooks are available in bright white plastic and metal finishes.

One significant advantage to using the 3M Command Hooks is that when time comes, and you are moving house, the adhesive gets off from almost all surfaces, including dry walls, leaving no marks!


  1. Poster Putty

In my teen years, I used poster putty to stick posters of my favorite celebrities as well as pictures of some cities I adored such as New York and Sydney in my bedroom. Today, however, the use of poster putty has evolved to hanging of small canvas artwork or lightweight picture frames.2b80e95a5f3898f7b49609379322c23a

In my Toronto home, I did this by pulling a piece of the block, sticking it to a well-cleaned surface on the back of my artwork, and then pressing it onto the wall. You should always remember that as much as this is an easy way of decorating your home, you should not use dark art material or pictures, but hang lightweight items only.


Adequate Ventilation for Your Home

A proper ventilation system for the health and comfort of all who may be living in the house is very essential. Through my experiences as an interior decorator, I have come to appreciate the purpose of a well-ventilated home. Proper ventilation helps in getting rid of moisture, smoke, cooking odors, and other pollutants.

I use the following ventilation methods at my place: interior ventilation, structural ventilation, roof ventilation and foundation ventilation.


  1. Interior ventilation

Because the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are hugely affected by moisture and odors, I have put in place a number of fundamental exhaust units: bathroom and laundry exhaust fans and an exterior venting range hood.

I noted that it is much easier to remove greasy, smoky, and steamy air that requires duck work to an exterior vent. Many kitchens, for example, have large vents that only recycle stovetop air. Similarly, if you find that your kitchens’ wall contains grease, or your kitchen is smelly, then you need an exterior-vending exhaust fan.

Bathrooms require similar treatment when addressing ventilation. Install and exhaust fan if you note incurable mildew in the shower, a pungent smell, and also paint peeling off your wall.


  1. Structural Ventilation

I’ve used structural ventilation in my attic and basement. I always strive to keep moisture and heat from roasting my home, something that usually happens over a given period.

For my attic, the primary objective is to create an upward flow of air. The air moves in through the vents in the eaves and moves out through the vents located on the ceiling or nearer to the roof. An important point to always remember is to clean your vents as soon as they get clogged.


  1. Roof ventilation

I’ve gone the extra mile and installed additional vents at the eaves and the ridge of the ceiling out of fear that it might get too hot and humid, especially in the summer. However, before I undertook this task, I consulted with experts for professional advice.

To ensure longevity, I have painted all the vents and screens, and also made sure the vent frame protects the screens. It is absolutely necessary to keep checking the condition of your vents so that excessively damaged ones can be replaced. Doing so allows free flow of air in the home, promoting health and hygiene.


  1. Foundation Ventilation

To further maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere in my home, I’ve fitted foundation vents in my bathroom and kitchen areas. These areas experience a lot of mildew, dampness and moist air which causes rot in the crawlspace. I was however faced with a tremendous challenge on the onset of this project – installing extra vents is such a daunting task! You need special appliances to cut through lumber, brick, and concrete. As such, having an expert to do it for you is the best course of action. A professional will install and make any necessary “cuts and incisions” that you would have otherwise really struggled with and potentially wrecked your home.

Small Bathroom Ideas That Have Worked For Me

As I continue to enjoy my stay here in Canada, I have faced a number of problems in choosing the right bathroom mechanisms to implement in my new home. The bathroom area is one area which most people give little attention to. This lack of care may be because of the small amount of time spent in this domain.

However, I would like to inform you on some small bathroom tips to put in place when designing your shower room space. They include the following:



     Gilded Fixtures
    <img class="size-medium wp-image-91 aligncenter" src="http://guide2paris.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/cotton-comforter-Bathroom-Traditional-with-brass-countertops-300×200.jpg" alt="cotton-comforter-Bathroom-Traditional-with-brass-countertops" width="300" height="200" srcset="http://guide2paris.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/cotton-comforter-Bathroom-Traditional-with-brass-countertops-300×200.jpg 300w, http://guide2paris.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/cotton-comforter-Bathroom-Traditional-with-brass-countertops-768×512.jpg 768w, http://guide2paris.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/cotton-comforter-Bathroom-Traditional-with-brass-countertops site sur cialis.jpg 990w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />

When you come to terms with the hard fact that your bathroom is outdated, do not stress or get too hang up on it. By use of some gilded fixtures, such unwanted worry goes unfelt. Shiny gilded accessories give your bathroom a young and fresh new look. Also, using a coat of white paint and light blue wall tiles further broadens your bathrooms appearance, and promotes its overall style.


  1. Metallic and Marble

In in my master bedroom bathroom, I’ve strived to improve cleanliness, a classic style design, and elegance. Once, my neighbor from down the alley decided we should have lunch at his newly furnished home, from where I got fresh, new ideas. He had installed metallic and marble features to his bathroom. I then went ahead and fitted metallic, marble and vanity aspects on the shower door. The shower cabinets have custom metallic doors, and around the bath tub area, I have placed cute decorations of marble particles, and this has promoted beauty and elegance.


  1. Pops of Pinkpink-bathroom-freestanding-tub

For my guest bathroom, my aim was to make it known that a lady owns the premises through adding a feminine touch to the room. I used paint by Billboard Vinyl and was able to design my wall treatment. I also added touches of pink, a primarily feminine color, and through such additions, I was able to brighten up what most call a black and white room. Lastly, to add the perfect complement to the classic sink, I put in place a Venetian-style mirror.


  1. Antique Accessories

Before I left Paris France, I passed by an antique shop where I found a circe-1950 mirror, which hung in a rather inviting manner as if trying to lure my eyes towards its beauty. I bought it and carried it with me to Toronto. Little did I know that this would be an excellent piece for my guest bathroom.

As I was doing my shopping in my new neighborhood, I also came across a vintage, collapsible, French, tripod, table. I’ve used this small table to place bathroom appliances such as soap, detergents, and a flower pot.

I have so far been extremely satisfied with the hype created by friends when they come over to visit. Go ahead and try some of my ideas, you might end up being the subject of praise amongst your peer too. Transform your bathrooms into wonderful art pieces to showcase your unique sense of style!

Family-Friendly Living Room Décor

Your living room is your central relaxation area; it is the place where you go to listen to music, play games, relax and watch movies. I specifically like sleeping for long hours on my living room sofa during hot afternoons or on slow days. Bearing this in mind, it is necessary that you put the appropriate decoration ideas into practice.

Once I moved into my new place, I was not quite sure on how to apply some decorations in my living room. I struggled to identify which ones would blend with my character and style, and at the same time be welcoming to all commander cialis ligne. It is here that I came up with a family-friendly method to decorate the living room.


Below are some points to consider for the family-friendly home décor method:


  1. Frame it

When I decided to use the family friendly method, it was in the thought that my home should reflect a young modern family. After completing this project, so far, I have been more than satisfied with the results. The type of furniture to use here is not so hard to figure out; I chose to go with brown furniture, which is very welcoming and neutral to stains and dirt. It also blends in with some wooden fixtures in the house




  1. Consider using an open floor plan

I also used an open floor plan with my living room to emphasize the need for space, especially in my relaxation area. Space is important because it enhances the free flow of air, and for those with families, you get to spend more time together. Space in the room promotes clear thinking during your uninterrupted relaxation periods, and when used as a study or work area, you are able to do so effectively.

In my new home, I have gone further to separate all sections in my living room. Such that, the study area and the relaxation area are not so close together.


  1. Add some words of wisdom

I have managed to do this by hanging pictures with inspirational and encouraging messages. Such messages are for example, ‘best things to give,’ ‘our daily bread,’ and also prayers and quotes by prominent individuals. By choosing to add some words of wisdom to my living room space, I was able to promote values like humility, unity, and togetherness, brotherhood, as well as promoting learning.

However, it is important that you follow the appropriate methods of hanging art on your walls. Failure to do so may cause damages to the beauty of your wall.



  1. Use an outdoor rug indoors

contemporary-outdoor-rugsI wanted my new house to be family friendly in every single way, for  both humans and animals. To achieve this objective, I used a rug called Leopard cub usually used in high traffic areas, and it has served as a well thought of carpet idea.

Bringing an outdoor rug indoors has some varied benefits, mainly being a measure to promote relative cleanliness and hygiene. For example, if you have a pet dog like I do, you find that he (your pet dog), may enter the house with muddy paws, and end up making the living room dirty and undesirable. Therefore, to avoid this, you should move an outdoor rug inside the house, and in so doing your pet dog will run around it, rubbing off most of the dirt that got from the outdoors on the rug.